Project Showcase

Clearview Cancer Institute

Directory App

We accomplished one of CCI’s most important goals, which was to improve the user experience, specifically, making a user’s ability to search easier and more intuitive within their directory app.

Senators Coaches

Internal Logistics Management System

The client had an existing app originally developed in the 1990s. Unfortunately, the app wasn’t keeping up with the client’s growing business needs.

Rooted Music Coaching

Music Lessons

Using our knowledge and expertise, we work with Rooted Music Coaching to organize, prioritize, design, and implement all aspects of his plan.

Mefford Jewelers

Gift Shop Product QR Codes

By engraving QR codes directly into the jewelry, Mefford could provide an online location where the jewelry owners could access something special.

Simon Solutions

Online Case Management Tool

CharityTracker is a valuable tool to reduce waste, help organizations accurately allocate their funds to those in need.

Green Mountain Technologies

Automated IoT Software For Composting Systems

By using modern web frameworks & technologies, Cypress Mill Co. helped GMT scale their composting systems for global adoption.

Foxwood Astronomy

Solar Eclipse Timer

Cypress Mill Co. was hired to develop a Solar Eclipse Timer app complete with Spanish language support.



nSide partnered with Cypress Mill Co. to provide an experienced & flexible software development team.

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