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Senators Coaches

Senators Coaches has been providing luxury coach fleet solutions to entertainers for more than three decades. They focus on providing “safe, reliable, comfortable transportation with professional service.”

Legacy Software Replacement - Luxury Coaches


Florence, AL


Luxury Coach Fleet Solutions




Python, JavaScript/React


The client had an existing business management app that was originally developed in the 1990s. Unfortunately, the app wasn’t keeping up with the client’s growing business needs in the luxury coach industry and it couldn’t be replaced by off-the-shelf software.


Our software development team provides technical leadership in all the necessary areas for upgrading the legacy software. By working closely with the luxury coach client to understand its business, we defined the existing workflows and how they needed to change, as well as the new workflows that would lead the client to achieve its changing goals.


By integrating with the Here Maps API, they are able get accurate travel times and distances in a matter of seconds.


Their original app did not offer the reporting options that they needed so we improved their reporting capabilities.

Senators Coaches


We built a system around their unique workflows for generating quotes, payment schedules, and more.