Frequently Asked Questions

A web app (short for “application”) is software that is accessed through a web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, or Safari. Common features of web apps include the ability for users to login, add or update data, and exchange information with other software in an interactive way.

A mobile app is software created for devices such as smartphones and tablets. Users download these apps from an app store. Common features include the ability for users to login, add or update data, and exchange information with other software in an interactive way.

A website consists of customized designs to display content and features. Usually, most of the content changes infrequently with limited ability to accept input from users. It may have some interactive features like a blog, contact form or photo album that are general in purpose. Because these use pre-built software, they are limited to the features and customization options available.

A progressive web app (PWA) is similar to a mobile app and web app. PWAs are created using web development technologies that can look and feel like a mobile app to users. A PWA can be a great option that is less expensive than building separate web and mobile apps because one set of code can provide mobile and web app-like functionality.

  • Display static content that’s less interactive
  • Has limited ability to accept input from viewers
  • Uses pre-built software that limits features and customization
Web Apps:
  • Provides interactive features for users (e.g., login, add or update data)
  • Is custom software with unlimited features
Web Apps:
  • Designed to be accessed from any device with a web browser
  • Does not require installation on a user’s device
  • Limited access to device native features
Mobile Apps:
  • Designed for a specific platform, such as iOS and Android
  • Installed from an app store
  • Can utilize all device native features (e.g., precise GPS location, camera)

Good news! We are your software development team and we aren’t going anywhere. When you invest in an app, you expect a return on that investment. Not just this quarter or this year but for years to come. To ensure your app continues to meet your needs, and the security and performance remains top-notch, we work with you to create a long-term service plan that fits perfectly, and we are always ready to adapt it as your needs change.

You are an expert on your business and industry. We are experts on app development. Our process combines your expertise with ours through a close working relationship, where ideas and feedback are shared. The end result is an app perfectly crafted to your goals and vision.

How much you invest in your app depends on what you want. This app is uniquely yours. We’ll meet with you to discuss your business, priorities, and timeline. From that, we’ll provide a proposal so that you can make the best decision for your investment goals.

Yes, however, WordPress has many limitations compared to custom software. It is usually better to use a Cypress Mill software solution for a web app when it requires complex features, unique data, or user logins. See our blog post Why Not Choose A No Code Or Low Code Option? for more information.

Depending on the size of your project (in terms of timeline, number of users, etc.), hiring your own software development employees might be the best way to go. The larger the project, the more this makes sense because a software project typically requires a minimum of four people with app development experience: a couple of developers, a designer, and a project manager. Usually a full-time team is more than what most clients need, so we provide the same experience but one that fits your budget. Work with us to define your budget and timelines, and we will create a plan that fits. See our blog post How To Choose The Right Software Development Company for more information.

While no code/low code platforms can simplify the creation of an app for people that don’t have technical expertise, such platforms don’t provide all the other benefits you get with a Cypress Mill software solution. Our team provides the technical, design, user experience, and project management expertise to not only build your tailor-made solution but also to ensure its long-term success. See our blog post Why Not Choose A No Code Or Low Code Option? for more information.