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How To Choose The Right Software Development Company

Cypress Mill Co. Team


You know your business and you know what you need – and you have a vision for software that would meet that need. Now you are wondering: do I have the staff to make it happen?

You want the software solutions that you spend money on to be great, whether it is for internal use only or customer facing. To make that great software, you will probably need a team of four: a couple of developers to ensure at least one person is always available to support the software; a designer that can create a user interface and user experience that matches your goals; and a project manager to keep all the work organized and moving forward successfully.

That kind of team will most likely start at a minimum of $400,000 per year. If you expect your project to generate revenue that exceeds that cost, then exploring whether to hire your own software development team definitely needs to be the first step.

What if you don’t expect to generate that level of revenue for a few years? What if the software you want to build is for internal use only? You have an internal process that new software could make more efficient, but maybe not $400,000+ more efficient.

In these cases, you want to find a software company that can:

  1. Work with you to plan the project by identifying the most impactful software features and focusing on those first.
  2. Provide a team of software developers, designers, and project managers as your project needs it.
  3. Commit to your project. It might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but to you it is important and you want a software company that sees it that way, too.

At Cypress Mill Co., we build your software by working closely with you, providing a team with the diversity of skills needed, and giving your project the level of importance it deserves.

Make the smart choice for your small business and partner with Cypress Mill Co. Speak with us today. There’s no obligation! Get in touch!

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