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CharityTracker is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) case management tool that helps non-profit human service organizations manage statistical data, referrals, collaboration and alerts. Its case management module allows users to assign resources, provide financial assistance to members and refer local suppliers to people in need. CharityTracker is a valuable tool to reduce waste, help organizations accurately allocate their funds to those in need, and bring communities together.

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CharityTracker needed a dedicated software development team who would complete development work each week to not only maintain their existing solution but who would provide continuous updates such as moving away from outdated technology and frameworks.


Working alongside their technical team, we provide planning, design, technical support, and upgrades for its platform. Specific features include a module that allows users to schedule appointments with their clients. We also support a remote intake feature that can help with mortgage and utilities assistance, enabling clients to remotely input their information.

For more information, see CharityTracker’s detailed project review on Clutch.

Isaac Simon

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Isaac Simon

Chief Executive Officer


Improved case management and developed demographic datasets to clarify client detail

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Developed diverse datasets to better configure networks to multiple client needs

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Better handling of barcode readers that improved event registration and information processing

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Expanded assistance datasets and functionality to better connect agency services within networks

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