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Mefford Jewelers has been providing jewelry since 1945. The owner, Russell Mefford, and his wife Allison are “honored to carry on a tradition of fine jewelry and good conversation” started by his grandparents over 70 years ago.

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Python, Javascript


Russell had an idea to make jewelry more memorable. By engraving QR codes directly into the jewelry, he could provide an online location where the jewelry owners could access something special. Maybe a husband creates a special video message to go along with the bracelet he is giving her for their anniversary. Maybe a grandmother gives a granddaughter a necklace and the QR code leads to an audio recording of her husband saying how much he loves his granddaughter. Russell saw that stories like these abound and needed a software development team that could make his vision a reality.


Russell needed an app for his customers to create something special, as well as a tool for him to create and manage the QR codes. Since we had a relationship with Russell from previous projects, Russell trusted us to work with him to develop, maintain, and support this idea. Working closely with Russell, we crafted the tailor-made software that met his vision perfectly.


Building wireframes allowed us to perfect the user flows with the client before writing any code.

Mefford Jewelers


We designed the app with a clean, modern, easy-to-use interface.

Mefford Jewelers


We created a responsive app to work on any device and screen size.

Mefford Jewelers


The client needed an admin area for managing inventory items, generating QR codes, and data exports for etching software.

Mefford Jewelers