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Rooted Music is an online platform that helps students gain a tailored musical understanding. Chris Brink, the founder, started providing music lessons in 2013. Now, Rooted Music provides studio lessons in Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. With a mission focusing on creating “a safe environment where students are able to gain an individually tailored, deeper musical understanding through purposeful teaching and community,” they continue to grow their impact in the musical lives of their students.

Studio Management App Improvements


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Ruby on Rails


In late 2021, Chris Brink approached us about taking over the ongoing maintenance and development of his studio management app that had been around for a few years. His goal was to have an easier way to manage multiple locations of his studio. To do so required the app to have a dedicated software development team that could help him craft his long-term vision.


We know a successful app is always improving. Whether building a new version, maintaining, or improving the security of an existing app, we never rest. Using our knowledge and expertise, we work with Chris to organize, prioritize, design, and implement all aspects of his plan for the app.

Chris Brink

Nick at Cypress Mill has communicated well, been very patient in dealing with a changing work schedule at times and has done a good job in evaluating the job and hours needed.

Chris Brink



Adjusted user roles to give more granular access and permissions.

Rooted Music


Created other billing options such as manual or subscription, customizable payment intervals.

Rooted Music


Improved the user experience.

Rooted Music


Optimized data processing.

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