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Software Rot: It’s A Real Thing

Software Rot - Its A Real Thing


Just as a wooden deck can rot over time, so can software. Granted, when we talk about software rot, we aren’t talking about something physically rotting like wood. Instead, it’s just a metaphor to describe how software can become harder to maintain and use over time.

You’ve probably heard that the only constant in life is change. That’s the key reason for software rot.

Sometimes software changes because it gets better, like the current iterations of word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word) that have replaced the previous iterations of word processing software (i.e., the software on Brother Word Processors). Other times, software changes to improve its security.

While a tailor-made app has its own unique aspects, it is also built on other software, such as operating systems, development frameworks, and databases. The abundance and improvements of this other software create endless possibilities for customized software. However, it also means that as this other software is updated, your tailor-made app also needs to be updated.

If you don’t keep up with the updates provided by this other software, software rot gradually turns your app into something that is holding you back instead of making your business more successful, something that is a cost rather than an investment.

At Cypress Mill Co., we don’t just build your app and leave you to fend for yourself after it launches. We stick around and provide the maintenance and updates your tailor-made software needs. As technology and workflows change, your software should grow with you.

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