Case Study

White Contracting, Inc.

White Contracting Inc. (WCI) is a commercial electrical contracting company operating out of Florence, Alabama. WCI has been in business for 25 years and serves a large portion of the Southeast US.


WCI Inventory System


Commercially available inventory management systems were not meeting the client’s needs due to:

  • – Lack of flexibility with managing barcodes and inventory locations
  • – Awkward hardware and software implementations that were difficult to use
  • – High monthly subscription costs


Through multiple interviews with the client’s team members, we were able to document real-world examples of how the software would be used and identify the key features they needed to track inventory effectively.

We then designed a web application to implement those features in the simplest way possible while also providing a solid foundation for future improvements. The solution included the ability to register existing barcodes as well as create custom barcodes, and then use a barcode scanner to check inventory in and out of the system.

By using the modern Django web framework combined with Agile development processes, we were able to quickly build the web application while getting feedback from the client’s team members every step of the way.


Our work resulted in a fully capable inventory management system that was tailored to our client’s business processes which gave them complete control over future improvements and ongoing service costs.

“Great, new company with excellent staff. Met and exceeded our expectations to build new software platform needed for our company. I expect their staff will be there for their customers when called and get the job done in a timely manner. Looking forward to future projects with them.”

Jake Grissom
White Contracting Inc, President

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Florence, AL
Commercial Electrical Contractor
February 2019 – Present
Designed and developed a web-based inventory management system
Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Bootstrap