Case Study


nSide was one of the first companies to ever address school safety with assistive technologies, and chose to pair it alongside the hard work of their team and clients. As they continued in their mission, nSide developed the simple, yet fundamental approach that “We Can Help.” Now, with thousands of schools using their patent-pending approach, they can say with certainty that they are on the right track to better protect teachers and their students.


nSide Staff Augmentation


nSide had a new product idea. Rather than expand its software development staff, it needed an experienced and flexible team that could work on the product on an as-needed basis.


Flexibility is the keyword for this solution. nSide wanted to move forward with some new products but its software development staff was already focused on developing other products. nSide chose us because it could get exactly what it needed: a team that is available for a long-term, as-needed basis. 

Three of our team members worked directly with nSide’s team to learn their goals and develop the project. As the project progressed, our experience provided us with the insight we needed to recognize missing elements. 

With each instance, we worked directly with nSide’s team to review potential solutions and decide on a course of action.


Our ability to flexibly provide software development experience and leadership helped nSide target their financial resources and achieve their goals. We held weekly review meetings where our team and nSide’s team reviewed the software as it was developed, and made decisions about adjustments and next steps. 

Throughout, nSide had direct oversight of and influence on the direction of the project. With our experience developing the solution, nSide has our team as an additional resource for developing new features for its product.

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Florence, AL
School Safety
August 2020 – Present
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