Case Study

Green Mountain Technologies

Since 1992 Green Mountain Technologies has been dedicated to helping forward-thinking organizations reduce their environmental footprint, save money and produce high quality compost. They are committed to making composting an approachable, affordable and successful undertaking for organizations of any size through innovative design informed by the coupling of industry experience and ongoing research and development. They are passionate about composting because it saves money and preserves the air, water and soil.


Modular Aeration Control System (WebMACS)


WebMACS is a compost aeration control and monitoring system comprised of both industrial process control components and custom software. It was already a successful product, but Green Mountain Technologies needed assistance with improving the user interface, adding new functionality and making the product easier to customize for each composting facility.


Cypress Mill Co designed a completely new version of the control software and user interface based on feedback from previous versions.

Building on the strengths of the React javascript framework, the new user interface incorporated responsive design to allow ease of use for desktop and mobile devices.

Automated test coverage was included for both the Lua control code and the React application so that developers could add features and make changes without worrying about breaking existing functionality.

Finally, by architecting clean boundaries between configuration concerns and application features, the new software was able to deliver a customized package for each compost facility which performs reliably and requires minimal effort for each new project.


Since the initial completion of the new WebMACS version, Green Mountain Technologies has delivered customized systems to multiple compost facilities and implemented numerous additional features that were not previously available in the product. Customizations can now be delivered more quickly and with fewer technical issues than before. The collaboration between Cypress Mill Co and Green Mountain Technologies has resulted in a stronger product with better support which allows them to serve and satisfy more customers.

“They are a custom software shop that knows their stuff when it comes to software and integration.”

Michael Brown
CEO, Green Mountain Technologies

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Bainbridge Island, Washington
Commercial Composting Systems
February 2018 – Present
Designed and developed improvements to integrated hardware and software compost control system.
React, Lua