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Are you watching out for “Lottery Risk”?

Are you watching out for "Lottery Risk"?


Lottery risk. Bus factor. Truck protocol. All these terms refer to the same thing: the consequences that come from losing a team member to an unexpected event. In other words, if a team member wins the lottery and immediately quits, how would that affect your business?

Think about it this way: if you have a dedicated bookkeeper, envision the scenario where they won the lottery. Since you couldn’t go long without bookkeeping, you’d have to come up with a plan to replace them pretty quickly.

A few options for that example include:

  1. You take on the bookkeeping work, post a job opening, and begin the hiring process to find your next bookkeeper.
  2. Bookkeeping is a specialized skill but maybe you can find someone on your team to take over those duties.
  3. Accountants sometimes provide bookkeeping services, so you could ask yours if they could handle your bookkeeping for you.

Now, apply this same line of thought to the custom software project you intend to undertake. If you hire a team of employees to develop the software, the process for replacing any one of them is even more challenging, given the highly specialized skills and unique project knowledge involved.

The good news is that you can hire a custom software development company to account for lottery risk. When you work with us, we provide a dedicated team to your project. Whatever risks arise with your project – whether it is lottery risk or something else – we will buffer you from the consequences of those risks and ensure your tailor-made software continues on a path to success.

In an industry where adaptability and expertise are paramount, relying on our experienced professionals means you can stay ahead of the curve without the burden of personnel management. Our team is not just your development partner; they are your strategic ally in navigating the complex landscape of software development, ensuring your project’s success from inception to deployment.

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